We supply CoVidi glasses to medical staff for free or for a voluntary contribution.

That makes us dependent on good people who want to give workers in healthcare sharp eyesight. Actually, it is an investment in yourself. Aren't we all happy for healthcare professionals who can see us well? 

If you want to support us please use Donio.cz, where we run a public fundraiser. 

The cost of one CoVidi clip, including the magnets, diopters and labour, is about 500 CZK, depending on the complexity, type of clip, etc. 

We have our base at Optika Policar in Prague, where we produce and assemble the clips, but some of the work takes place at our homes.

We enjoy support from Essilor, a company that produces spectacle lenses and helps us immensely. 

Unimagnet is supporting us with the magnets they produce. A big thank you also goes to the Prague Humanities Grammar School for lending us 3D printers and material we use. We would also like to express our gratitude to the Institute of Nuclear Physics of The Czech Academy of Sciences for their cooperation and lending us their printers. 

However, this will not last forever. We will return the printers and the support in the form of materials also cannot take long.

Primarily, we will use the money collected on our transparent account to pay the invoices for the material and equipment used for the production of CoVidi clips to become self-sufficient and continue providing good vision to healthcare professionals. Of course, the rest will be used for further development, because the product is never so good that it couldn't be improved :-)