How do I get my CoVidi?

Fill in the form below (or a spreadsheet) and send it to us

If you need to ask us about something, send us an e-mail or call us on the telephone number stated below. 

What is always necessary?

1 ) Dioptres

a) Do you know your dioptres? Great! 

Please, fill in the form or spreadsheet. 

b) You have the right dioptres in your glasses, but don't know what they are? 

All you need to do is to visit the nearest optician, explain the situation and have your glasses measured.

c) Do you need to have your eyesight examined? We can do that!

We offer free eyesight examination at Optika Policar (by prior telephone agreement).

2) Selfie with a ruler

When we don't have information about the distance between your pupils (PD), we will need a photo with a ruler pressed to your forehead. We can get this information from the photo. For the glasses to function properly, the center of the dioptric glass needs to be right in front of your pupil. 

3) Delivery adress 

We can send the glasses by mail or deliver in person (if possible).

To protect our planet when delivering your glasses, please ask your colleagues if they also want their CoVidi - we will send them together!

To order your CoVidi glasses, please fill in the form below: