CoVidi - your glasses 

in a full face mask  

Do you work with a full-face mask and need to wear glasses? We have developed a special clip where we place your precise diopters and then attach them to the mask. 

All this for a voluntary contribution to cover the expense for the glasses and support further research.  

Professional approach

Distance, near or both (bifocal) dioptres are not a problem, everything is produced at the Optika Policar premises - an establishment with years of experience with making glasses.


For all types of masks

Solution for any mask. We can produce clips for Decathlone and GuZu masks, but also CM6 or CM5 and any others types. 

Universal and simple

The grip is simple and can be quickly removed and installed         in another mask.

For example, if you work temporarily with a Decathlone mask and you are about to switch to a different type, your glasses can be easily transferred between the clips.

The CoVidi spectacle clip is disinfectable.  

Don't make your choice between perfect vision and safety. 

Have both!