In every solid opticians, should be able to mount your prescription lenses into CoViDi frames   to V každé pořádné optice by měli být schopni naše brýle osadit dioptrickými čočkami.

It is highly recommended  to have a face-to-face consultation with a specialist about a appropriate type of lenses that would be put in, eventually.  

In general, plastic lenses with anti-reflection coating are the best and the safest option( CR 39, polycarbonate or Trivex).

We do not recommend inserting mineral lenses!

In case you were rejected by your Optician, do not hesitate and contact us!Pokud by se stalo, že budete odmítnuti, napište nám na zdea domluvíme co dál. Vždy je možnost nechat brýle poslat k nám a my Vám je rádi zasklíme.   

For Opticians

If by any chance, a customer came with a CoVidi clip to your shop, we have piece of advice to make work easier for you in order to grind in lenses with confidence 

1) The Frames are made by 3D printing from a Nylon 12 material. Generally, you can handle the material similarily as frames made of millet acetate, They can be heated and shaped over the optical heater at temperatures around 70°C. Burner or any other open fire is not suitable for use.

2) prescription lenses are to be inserted from the BACK of the frame, not the front as usual. Lenses ought to be inserted easily without any heating . If necessary, frame could be mildly heated. 

3) Putting in mineral lenses is not appropriate due to the nature of the use of lenses in safety mask.  

4) We recommend centering the lenses with the glasses in the mask directly on the wearer's face.Pay attention to the recalculation of the dioptrical figure due to the distance from the eyes 

5) If the frame causes any pain or pressure to the wearer, we recommend to bend the frame's bridge after heating 

6) If you have any question about grinding or centration, contact us.