We are a team of people with different professional backgrounds, who simply stopped and thought: "How do the healthcare professionals wearing glasses do it when they also need to use full-face masks?"  

And then we came up with a solution... 

Project itself came into being as purely vulantary work aiming to support Czech healthcare, which had found itself struggling in 2019. With a money raised from a public collection, we had funded a glasses for a medical professionals from all across The Czech Republic. After the public collection shut down, we had were approached by a mask manufacturers, whether we would continue to work as associates. Thus created a colaboration with companies Gurmány Zubří, a.s. and Malina-safety s.r.o.   

Nowadays are our frames part of masks such as GuZu CM-6, Shigematsu GX02 or CF02.

Material Nylon 12, which we use to make frames, has exceptional properties. It is biocompatible, holds shape even with higher temperatures and is chemical resistant. A field of vision has been tested and approved by Occupatonal Safety Research Institute.


Thank you for your support! With your help,we managed to make over 200 glasses for health professionals from all across The Czech Republic!

We Thank everybody, who supported us in the public collection or in any other way. The public collection is no longer in process, but don't worry, should you wish to support us, there surely is a way! All you have to do is to contact us. You can find contact tab in the menu.

Our Glasses are helping in workplaces such as  ZZS The capital city of Prague, ZZS of Liberec region, ZZS Královehradecký region, ZZS Central-Bohemian region, but also at The Tábor Hospital, The Příbram Hospital and lots of other workplaces across The Czech Republic. 

The CoVidi Brotherhood

Optika Policar - our headquarters & workshop

Jan Policar - optometrist, optician

Ondřej Policar - optometrist, optician

Pavel Mládek - paramedic

Karel Mládek - designer

Martin Kákona - researcher

Jakub Kákona - 3D printing consultant

We wish good health to all of you

The CoVidi Brotherhood